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About Lime Tree

Lime Tree

The Lime Tree, founded in 2005, is a venue that welcomes people from different walks of life to a casual setting enjoying a wholesome meal.    Lime Tree celebrates good home cooking prepared lovingly.

The Lime Tree has two branches: one in Kazanchis and the other in Bole.

5 Things that Make Lime Tree Special

  1. The chocolate cake at the Lime Tree is legendary created by founder Yasser Bagersh.
  2. The Lime Tree hires people with limited skill and trains them from scratch.
  3. The Lime Tree hires low income individuals priority given to single mothers
  4. Every time you eat at the Lime Tree, a child is fed through Our Father’s Kitchen, a community kitchen that feeds underprivileged children.
  5. The Lime Tree is known for its daily specials ranging from Shawarma to Live Wok.